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  • Small update log 15/06/19 Jun. 15, 2019 by Corey


    • Fixed an issue with making a mithril grapple
    • The lizardman minions no longer spawn when you're too far away
    • Removed some drop announcements and mole/dark core pets are now announced
    • All tournament viewer entries should now be clickable
    • Fixed an issue with sending level 99 notifications to the adventurer log
    • Added dollar signs next to rank credit amounts dialogue when redeeming bonds
    • Fixed an issue with demonic gorilla style switching
    • Fixed an issue in the message when you don't have high enough woodcutting level to cut a tree
    • Fixed an issue with Vorkath
    • Fixed an issue with Barrows Brother spawns
    • Fixed a rare issue where wearing full rogues outfit doesn't give you double loot
    • Loyalty points are now correctly updated when you receive more
    • Christmas crackers can now be pulled with another player
    • Fixed an issue with items lost on death
    • Fixed some combat issues with Elf Warriors



    • Achievement diary completions will now appear in your adventurers log
    • Exp mode changes now appear in your adventurers log
    • Barrows item drops now appear in your adventurers log
    • Crystal items can now be imbued
    • Bonds can now be given to other players
    • Added ::rules
    • Voting now gives you 75k gp per site if you have 2FA enabled; not having it enabled gives you 50k
      • Read this guide on how to setup 2fa and secure your account


    Example adventurer log:



    Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey 


  • Update log 14/06/2019 - Post-launch bugfixes #3 Jun. 14, 2019 by Kris


    • Boss pets now spawn behind the player when received as a drop.
    • Cerberus' ranged attack hits 1 tick later now to properly synchronize with the projectile.
    • Cerberus mechanics overall improved to work more like in OSRS.
    • Daily challenge messages updated to a more visible colour.
    • Players now actually lose their pets on death.
    • Players can now purchase rock cakes from the food shop at home.
    • Players can now purchase ghostly outfit from the magic shop at home.
    • Magic secateurs added to the vote shop.
    • You can now string gold amulets.
    • Players can now complete the diary task "Chop and burn willow logs in Taverley".
    • Added a bass fishing spot in Ape Atoll.
    • Players can now complete the diary task "Pick a belladonna".
    • Tools shop at home now sells up to 1000 silver dust.
    • Numerous diary tasks were disabled & auto-completed for players due to inaccessible areas or content.
    • Combat skills are no longer filtered by the 200M XP broadcasts.
    • Seed pod is no longer lost on death.
    • Rewrote dynamic map algorithm as it was only allocating 1.3% of the actual free map before, as well as fixed problems with map placement under special circumstances, causing instances to collide.
    • Added an end-point for pest control so if the server were to ever die, players inside pest control would actually be transported to the island, instead of remaining in void.
    • Players can now view the grand exchange collection box through basic bankers.
    • Auto-typed messages through the client can now be filtered using chat filters.
    • Duel arena will no longer occasionally teleport one of the players to a tile right outside of the fight arena itself.
    • Barrows now drains prayer at the same rate as in OSRS - which is faster than it used to be on Zenyte.
    • Fixed bracelet smelting.
    • You will no longer have items randomly disappear on death when you die with a looting bad, seed box or anything similar that allowed you to hold a lot of items with you.
    • Death spawns no longer respawn on death.
    • Ectophial teleport implemented.
    • Alchemy spells reworked to be castable while under combat.
    • Lizardman caves implemented.
    • Falador shield 1 no longer requires 10 Defence.
    • It is no longer possible to glitch a trade and have it result in users losing their items.
    • Modified master farmer seed rates as they were too powerful earlier.
    • Zenyte shards are now announced through global broadcasts.
    • Ironmen can now pick up the same item on a tile if there is another one of the item dropped by someone else(previously would say you can't pick others' items as you're an ironman).
    • Ring of Wealth coin collection patched.
    • Players can no longer deposit more than 16000 of each rune in a rune pouch.
    • Superheat item spell now cancels any other occurring action, like mining.
    • Tool leprechaun now notes clean herbs.
    • Players can now use the Zeah rocks shortcut to access the dense mine.
    • Amulet of glory no longer provides infinite charges.
    • Players can no longer sacrifice their fire capes to get access to Inferno as Inferno is not yet available.
    • Ladder fixed in the Experiments dungeon.
    • Invalid demonic gorilla spawns removed.
    • Items no longer lose their charges when the player dies in a serviced area.
    • Abyssal tentacle can now be used to slash webs.
    • Demonic gorillas combat script improved.
    • Zulrah now drops dragon halberd and med helm at the correct rate.
    • Missing antifire potions can now be made through Herblore.
    • A lot more demons have been defined to be weak to demonbane weapons.
    • Cerberus combat script improvements.
    • Cerberus and smoke devil boss now require a slayer task to be slain.
    • "Craft some nature runes" Karamja diary patched.
    • Increased the range of the Ardougne area to make the Ardougne cloak 2 perk of thieving boost within Ardougne work for the master farmer north of Ardougne.
    • Players can no longer damage Callisto with magic.
    • Cave krakens now drop uncharged trident at a rate of 1/200 instead of the previous 1/150.
    • Tridents, blowpipe and serpentine helmets are no longer lost on PvM death.
    • Players no longer have their special attack energy restored on death.
    • Players can now purchase damaged books from Jossik in the lighthouse.
    • Players can no longer drop pet rocks at Edgeville.
    • Zulrah now uses all four of its rotations.
    • Players can now buy bonds from the store online and claim them in-game to receive the donation as if they donated themselves - they will receive the credits as well as total donated through this. Purchasing a bond on the store will cause you to lose total donated worth the bond's cost.
    • Ironmen can now hide the ground items that they are unable to pick up - includes drops and all kinds of other items. Only the items they're able to pick should show.
    • Players can no longer glitch and abuse herb boxes.
    • Bird nest chance from woodcutting doubled.
    • Corporeal beast can no longer be safespotted.
    • Abyssal sire's fairy ring code disabled until Sire is introduced.
    • Wall beasts no longer over-damage the user.
    • Ultimate ironmen have their death timer set to 60 minutes invisible time due to it being an actual mechanic in OS.
    • Decantation plugins no longer conflict with herblore plugins, causing one or the other to shop working.
    • Smithing iron 2h swords no longer gives the user mithril daggers.
    • Damaged books now provide a plus 5 prayer boost.
    • Damaged books now work as a protection item in godwars dungeon.
    • Dagannoth rex warriors' ring item drop fixed.
    • Zulrah is no longer unaggressive on spawn.
    • Zulrah will no longer skip phases/attacks.
    • Players can now use the ::ccban and ::ccunban commands to permanently remove someone from your clan, if you're the owner of the clan.
    • Watering seedlings sprout time was reduced from 4-5 minutes to 9 seconds.
    • Slayer rings can no longer be crafted unless the person has unlocked the respective slayer reward.
    • Construction is no longer required to obtain the max cape, or to get the maxed announcement.
    • Ballistas can now be fletched.
    • "Smelt a runite bar" task now works through superheat spell.
    • Disassembling an imbued slayer helmet now gives the user back their imbued black mask.
    • Vial smashing implemented; Players can configure this in the game settings found in noticeboard.
    • Barrows tunnels doors unlocked for everyone; I may keep this permanently, I may only keep it until the doorways issue is fixed.
    • Chaos fanatic and crazy archealogist scripts updated so they're not 100% safespotable.
    • Report button in chatbox fixed to open the respective pages.
    • Players can now crack a coconut using a hammer on it; They can also pour the coconut milk into a vial.
    • Halos no longer alch for 90k gp - this was never intended.
    • Crystal shields, bows and halberds introduced. Imbues are currently not obtainable. Players can take their crystal seed to Ilfeen(Zenyte portal > Misc > Isafdar) when they have enough coins to have her turn the crystal into one of the aforementioned items.
    • "Craft fruit basket" Falador diary until branches can be obtained from trees.
    • Celastrus patches no longer regrow bark.
    • Players can now purchase a silver sickle(b) from the tools shop. They can use this in the Mort Myre Swamp to grow fungi on logs - necessary to obtain mort myre fungus.
    • Issue with Kraken instances fixed.
    • Kraken now takes heavily reduced damage from ranged.
    • Fixed a typo on lightsource flaring within lumbridge dark caverns.
    • Improved cannon accuracy against monsters.
    • Reduced the damage requirement for ironmen to get the drop from 80% to 70%.
    • Isafdar teleport added to the Zenyte portal, under Miscellaneous category.
    • Uncharged trident is no longer broadcasted as a rare drop.
    • Players are no longer prompted with the release-dialogue when trying to release lizards.
    • Players can now combine dark totem pieces to create the dark totem - allowing them to obtain more pieces.
    • Prayer experience halved in pest control as it proved to be the absolute meta for prayer training.
    • Vorkath fire-spitting phase improved and made a bit easier.
    • Players are now warned before claiming donations that they will miss out on 50k gold per vote if they do not enable 2FA before claiming the votes.



    Wyson the Gardener in Falador will now take the players' giant mole parts in exchange for nest boxes. These boxes can be opened individually or as a stack through bank to get different types of bird nests. The ratios for different nests are as 70% seed nests, 25% ring nests and 5% empty nests.



    In addition to the bug fixes, we have introduced a new item on our store. A mystery box!

    Non-ironman players can now purchase the mystery boxes for $5 each on our donation store. Players can loot these boxes for a chance at the very rare black partyhat - which will only ever be obtainable through these boxes. Besides the very rare occasional cosmetics, the boxes offer a variety of filler supply loots as well as some of the items already found on our donation store. We have carefully tested and simulated the loot boxes to ensure that they are no P2W - this is more or less a method of gambling for players who wish to try their luck. The boxes are not pay-to-win and will not damage the economy in any way.



    Besides the mystery box, we have also introduced the following new items on our store:

    • Ecumenical keys.
    • God book page sets.
    • Bonds.
  • Update log 10/06/2019 - Post-launch bugfixes #2 Jun. 10, 2019 by Kris


    • Players can no longer attack their targets unless both of them are at the correct wilderness level; Previously only the attacker had to be in high enough level.
    • Ultimate Ironmen can no longer deposit items into the deposit box(They would deposit before, but never remove the items from them).
    • Fixed the agility shortcut in Corsair Cove Dungeon, near the middle barrier.
    • Characters are now saved every 5 minutes as opposed to 15. The recent rollbacks have proven to be problematic, so in case something ever goes wrong again in the future, the rollback will be very minimalistic.
    • @uTorrentRedesigned the master farmer's thieving loot table. Master farmers will now be giving out rarer seeds much more commonly, and will also occasionally give out tree seeds(Something that does not exist in RS!).
    • Added a portal teleport to the Corsair Cave Dungeon.
    • Punishments now persist throughout server updates.
    • Rellekka Rooftop Agility course implemented.
    • Cave Kraken supply cache drops will no longer spawn on water.
    • Zul-Andra Fairy ring teleport has been changed to the correct location.
    • Silverlight's "Check" option now works once again.
    • Players are no longer able to spoof the appearance packet, causing them to be able to change their appearance while standing anywhere in the game.
    • Repairing the most broken version of the Karil's leathertop now works.
    • Brawlers in Pest Control will now properly unclip when they despawn; Previously they would occasionally leave some of the tiles clipped, causing players to be unable to walk to certain locations.
    • Cave horrors no longer do their special attack on the player if the player is wielding a witchwood icon.
    • Decreased burn rates for sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, anglerfish and dark crabs.
    • Fixed corporeal beast's safespot which was caused by its limited attack radius.
    • Fixed the desert diary task "Kill a vulture".
    • Fixed chat messages for winning pest control games(it was showing old quantities).
    • Added greater nechryaels to the list of monsters eligible for nechryael assignment.
    • Splatters will no longer temporarily kill your pets.
    • Wall safe coin amounts increased.
    • Wall safes will no longer freeze the player for 20 seconds doing the same getting-caught animation over and over.
    • Fixed an issue with server shutdown priorities which occasionally caused some players' accounts to not save in time of the shutdown.
    • Fixed the issue which caused monsters in-game to turn to other creatures and fly off the map.
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the players to preserve their autocast when depositing worn equipment, allowing them to autocast spells without having the necessary staff.
    • Fixed an issue which caused players to get melee experience for the last throwable ranged weapon thrown.
    • Rewrote how skulling works when attacking players; Skulls will no longer occur randomly when attacking another player. If relogging after skulling and the other person attacks you, they will not get the skull. If the person you attacked relogs and then attacks you, then they will get the skull. If the person who wasn't skulled dies during a fight and goes back to attack the killer, they will receive a skull.
    • Demonic gorillas will no longer completely glitch out and stop damaging users, causing completely safe fights. In addition to this, players attacking the gorillas with the style they're protecting against will no longer give the player experience.
    • Added ghostly robes to the magic armour shop at home. Ironmen can too purchase these.
    • Added magic secateurs to the vote shop as well as adjusted some other prices.
    • Supply cache drops' rate has been increased in wilderness by 25%. They will now provide a total of 50% boost compared to killing monsters outside of the wilderness.
    • Improved the code used by reanimation spell. Players will no longer run into the scenario where the reanimated monster just does not spawn; The game will now verify before moving forward that the monster can spawn, and will do so afterwards.
    • Abyssal bludgeon can now be used to slash spider webs.
    • Improved going through barrows doorways; Player will be unlocked 1 tick quicker, allowing a bit smoother movement.
    • Rewrote weight calculations. Spells such as humidify caused the player to go negative weight without actually having to wield any negative weight armour. In addition to this, having negative-weight armour in your inventory no longer provides negative weight. You must actually wield the equipment to get the benefits.
    • Rewrote demonic gorilla drops as they were completely off from what they should've been. They now match OSRS.
    • Players can no longer use the seers' village teleport without having hard kandarin diaries unlocked.
    • String jewellery spell will now correctly consume the runes.
    • Hunter NPCs will no longer vanish from the viewport or crash the user(this only lasted a few hours between the two updates today, was a result of a major rework to fix the "npcs flying off the map" issue).
    • Fixed an issue that caused the very first instance made after the server launches to collide with another instance made right after it.
    • Fixed superior monsters from being able to spawn without the user unlocking the actual perk for it. Players are now able to buy the perk from the store and have it actually unlock. Note: If you bought the perk before the update today, ask a developer to refund you the points(they will verify it beforehand).
    • Fixed an issue which caused revenant weaponry to turn into the wrong item ids when they degraded.
    • Fixed beaver pet from not showing the right-click options. Note: This update had a side effect I had not accounted for; If you lost your beaver to this update, refer to an administrator to refund it to you.
    • Baby dragons will now count towards the respective fully grown dragon slayer assignment.
    • Black mask no longer announces as a rare drop due to how commonly it entered the game.
    • Added the dwarven rock cake to the shop at home.
    • Fixed baby black dragon defence and death animations.
    • Players can now only obtain two starters(excluding ironman-specials) per IP.


    In addition to these bugfixes, I have implemented a bunch of donator benefits. I could not implement them all in time - some of them not being possible due to necessary underlying content not being implemented, some I will try and implement tomorrow, however the implemented donator benefits can now be found at(Currently live benefits are marked green)



    Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey 

  • Update log 09/06/2019 - Post-launch bugfixes Jun. 09, 2019 by Kris



    This small update log contains our bugfixes from since the server launched 37 hours ago.



    • Following commands were introduced: ::staff/::staffonline/::onlinestaff, ::claim/::claimvotes/::claimvote, ::vote/::voting, ::forums, ::store/::donate, ::discord, ::2fa.
    • Ironmen can now purchase ava's devices from the ranging shop at home.
    • Fixed the desert diary task "Mine clay".
    • Chasm of Fire teleport coordinates corrected.
    • Fixed a problem with shop prices not corresponding to the item itself in general stores.
    • Fixed otherworldly beings slayer assignment.
    • Shop price messages are no longer filtered.
    • Changed Dorgesh-Kaan dungeon to not require a light source until all of the objects in it are functional and move the player - prevents ironman deaths if they enter unprepared.
    • Fixed daily challenges for slayer assignments.
    • Added the bullseye lantern to the starter set.
    • Boosted experience by 1.5x for the duration of the weekend as a celebration of the release.
    • Ammunition amounts in presets in tournaments increased.
    • Added talismans to the skilling shop at home.
    • Added thrower troll as a valid slayer assignment.
    • Reworked tournament pairing system so now everyone is moved to the next round, except for one in the case of an uneven number of contestants.
    • Blue dragons now count towards blue dragons task.
    • Implemented perks which will be available for purchase on the store soon enough.
    • Increased the timer for items to spawn on death from 1 minutes invisible, 2 minutes visible to 3 minutes invisible & 5 minutes visible to give people a better chance at getting their stuff back.
    • Fixed an issue where players could keep woodcutting a tree after it had been cut down.
    • Planting seeds in farming patches now keeps the user locked for the duration of the action.
    • Creatures in the abyss now drop the Runecrafting pouches at a rate of 1/42; Pouches will be dropped in order, from smallest to largest. Players can obtain the pouches at any level, however to actually use them they need 1/25/50/75 Runecrafting respectively.
    • Animated armours no longer attack random players when their primary target has left the area.
    • Ardougne rooftop course has been implemented, including mark of grace spawns.
    • Doing kills outside of wilderness for when on a task from Krystilia(if slaying the monster you're assigned) will now send an unfiltered message saying the monster will not count for your assignment.
    • Player's combat tab is now properly refreshed when they remove their equipment through deposit-inventory button in bank.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the players from depositing items as a placeholder when right clicking the item and selecting placeholder option.
    • Players will no longer be able to set an empty clan prefix.
    • Fixed combat definitions for jellies - they will now use melee, not magic.
    • Fixed the door underneath Karamja volcano - The one to access Crandor.
    • Fixed the - & all buttons on grand exchange to actually refresh the quantity when selling items on the grand exchange; Previously - would not affect the quantity and all would do all-but-one.
    • Added Iban's staff to magic store for 200k.
    • Removed the requirement of an angler outfit to enter the fishing platform to fish Minnows.
    • Implemented magic shortbow imbuing.
    • Increased mark of grace spawn rates by 300%.
    • Increased mining speed by 200%.
    • Fixed abyss obstacles from locking the user indefinitely when not carrying the necessary axe to chop the vines.
    • Players will now be able to receive rogue outfit pieces while pickpocketing any creature on Zenyte; The chance is equally 1/200 per piece(regardless of who you pickpocket) and outfit pieces will be given in order.
    • Lithkren vault teleport repositioned outside of a clipped tile.
    • Using salt on rockslugs no longer consumes two salt at a time.
    • Added a message when completing a task from Turael which states that Turael does not give any points for his assignments.
    • Fixed an issue that persisted players to keep getting damage from desert heat after leaving the desert.
    • Wilderness obelisk now teleports all the users standing in the center, instead of just one.
    • Combat skills are now also broadcasted when a milestone is reached.
    • Banshee attacks no longer lock the user for three ticks, but instead stop their movement.
    • Ardougne area definition has been made larger to allow better completion of achievement diaries in the area, and other things that require the user to be within Ardougne.
    • Archers' helmet has been introduced in the home ranged armoury shop.
    • Experience boost notification on login made to stand out a bit better.
    • Ardougne cloak 3 now provides world-wide boost to Thieving; Previously it would only provide the boost inside Ardougne. The boost is 10%.
    • Revamped the vote shop at home to introduce better rewards and better prices.
    • Revamped the loyalty shop to introduce better rewards.
    • Players can no longer purchase seed pods from King Narode's shop as they're sold through bounty shop.
    • "Smelt runite bars" daily task changed to "Smelt mithril bars".
    • Decreased the cost of repairing items until there is more gold in the economy, or at least more moneymaking methods.
    • Cave krakens will now respawn when slain.
    • Kalphite guardians will no longer always drop a rune med helm when slain.
    • Improved the catch rate of chinchompas and overall reaction rate for all hunter creatures.
    • Allowed access to the chinchompa dungeon in the middle of Feldip Hills.
    • Pest control will no longer leave some players behind.
    • Pest control coins reward for winning has been increased from x10 to x150; Users now receive coins equal to combat level * 150 for every pest control game they win.
    • Pest control reward points per game won increased to double of Runescapes - 6/8/10 points per game, in ascending order of the landers.
    • Pest control monsters will invade the island slightly more frequently now.
    • Pest control activity timer will now start decreasing after 18 seconds, instead of the previous 9; This is to avoid players losing a fair bit of activity before the first portal even drops.
    • Guthan's helmet no longer shows beard through it.
    • Players can now create slayer helmets using imbued slayer masks - creating one will give the user the imbued slayer helmet directly.
    • Repairing guthan's armour now gives the user the tradeable version of the set.
    • The default level for level-up dialogues has been set to 75; Any new account will not see level-up dialogues until they reach level 75 in the said skill. Players can modify this value in the game settings, found inside the noticeboard.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from getting a task from Turael. Previously, Turael would not assign/replace your task until you clicked continue on the dialogue page that says "Your assignment is to kill .."; Players were forced to click continue to actually get the assignment.
    • Bank container size reset to 816 spaces.
    • Fixed bankers in Lletya from being out of reach; Players can now also note and unnote items using them.
    • Using the pest control minigame teleport will now update the achievement diaries for the player.
    • "Bank counter" object can now be used for banking.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented dynamic instances' areas from being allocated; The map would be erased before but the allocated space would remain allocated until the game eventually ran out of map space.
    • Abyssal whips can now be used to slash webs.



    I'd like to thank everyone for your patience while we fix these issues, new content will be coming as soon as we have existing content perfectly under control.



    Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey 💕

  • Update Log 18/05/2019 - Daily Challenges, Zahur, Drop Viewer and more! May. 18, 2019 by Tommeh


    Hi everyone, this update will be featuring daily challenges, Obor, Bryophyta, Adamant & Rune dragons, Zahur, Giant Mole, Drop Viewer and the latest revision upgrade.


    • Daily Challenges

    You will now get a challenge everyday with the categories being skilling, combat & minigames. Each challenge has its difficulty and based upon the category of the challenge there's factors that will determine the difficulty of the challenge. You can stack up to 3 challenges at once and you can talk to the Challenge Headmaster in Edgeville to claim your rewards. The rewards be either an experience or item reward, or even both!


    • Obor

    Obor, the Hill Titan has been added. You can kill him by obtaining a giant key which is dropped by all hill giants world. The boss fight is instanced meaning that you will lose all your items upon death.


    • Bryophyta

    Bryophyta, the Moss Giantess has been added. You can kill her by obtaining a mossy key which is dropped by all moss giants around the world. Just like Obor, the boss fight is completely instanced  meaning that you will lose all your items upon death.


    • Adamant & Rune dragons

    Adamant & Rune dragons have been added with their proper combat mechanics. You can find them by teleporting to the Lithkren Vault through the Zenyte portal in Edgeville.


    • Zahur

    Zahur has been added with all her functionality (decanting potions, cleaning herbs, making unfinished potions). You can find here in Edgeville, north-west of the banks & grand-exchange clerks.


    • Drop Viewer

    We've added a drop viewer to view the drops per NPC. The drop viewer will also show the rarity that you can toggle between percentages & fractions. We're also planning on adding a feature where you can look-up NPCs based on an item that they drop.


    • Giant Mole

    The Giant Mole has been added. You can find it by digging with a spade on certain mole hills at the Falador Park. The Giant Mole comes with the same mechanics as OSRS. This also means that it's highly recommended to bring a Falador shield 3 or 4 to locate the Giant Mole in the cave.


    • Revision Upgrade

    We have upgraded to Oldschool Runescape's latest revision being #179. This also comes with the latest RuneLite client update being the 1.5.22 version. You can view the all features that RuneLite has to offer here.


    • Bug Fixes/Small content additions
      • You can now convert your coins & platinum tokens at bank objects.
      • The looting bag is now properly emptied upon death.
      • Fixed an issue with changing your beardstyle.
      • Added spellbook switching at the altar north of the banks & grand exchange clerks.
      • Added crafting moulds to the skilling shop.
      • Added a teleport to the pure essence mine.
      • Fixed a bunch of glitches with the duel arena.
      • Graceful shop now accepts marks of grace instead of coins.
      • Added silverlight to the melee shop. Kill 100 demons with it and it will transform to a Darklight.
      • Added Mac to Edgeville where you can buy skillcapes and the max cape
      • Fixed an issue with Hunter where traps would glitch out.
      • Added snape grass item spawns to Waterbirth Island.
      • Added the ring of life effect.
      • Added the graceful set effect.
      • Added the box of restoration to Edgevile.
      • Added Perdu on the 1st floor of the Magic shop.
      • You now have the option to rewatch the tutorial by talking to the Zenyte guide in Edgeville.
      • Added item un-imbueing.
      • Added the make-over-mage to Edgeville.
      • Fixed the cave horrors dungeon exit.
      • Migrated godwars to the new area system.
      • Added the chasm of fire with all its lifts and demon spawns.
      • Added the brimhaven dungeon obstacles.
      • You can now transform the rock golem & rift guardian pets.
      • Adjusted the Kalphite Queen respawn timer.
      • Added mithril weaponry for ironman (previously went only up-to steel).
      • Added member ranks and design icons for them.
      • Bolt enchanting now shows proper message when you don't have the required items.
      • Hardcore ironman deaths are now only broadcasted if the total level is 500 or higher.
      • Added a warning for the Wilderness teleports through the Zenyte portal.
      • Morytania legs teleports & bonus xp in the slayer tower features added.
      • Fixed spawn directions for the void knight bankers.
      • Added the ability to upgrade void knight pieces to elite.
      • Added the ability to create an uncut zenyte by using a zenyte shard on an onyx.
      • Added bonus xp feature when mining/smithing with Varrock armour.
      • Added a command to open topics on the forums.
      • You can now buy daily battlestaves from Zaff in Varrock depending on the diaries you have completed.
      • Reworked the game settings & game noticeboard interfaces to look more 'osrs-ish'.
      • Added the ability to travel through Keldagrim with the boats.
      • Added elder chaos druids mechanics.
      • Added a teleport to the Lithkren Vault and the barriers to reach the adamant & rune dragons also work.
      • Fixed a few typos with the smithing message on certain items.
      • Added the rimminton distillery to fill a lamp with oil.
      • Added a toggle for whether or not to show the confirmation box when (un)noting items.
      • Fixed a mark of grace spawn that would spawn on the wrong height level.
      • The food shop now sells noted items instead of unnoted.
      • Added amulet string for opal, jade & topaz amulets (u).
      • Catching red chinchompas will now give the correct item.
      • Added mithril seed planting.



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